Department of Economics Systems at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Yarmouk University in cooperation with the Amman Chamber of Commerce and the introductory workshop for graduate students on how to write a CV for the purposes of the job, which both Dr. Wassim Haddad and Mr. Sinan Jaber, Mr. Essam carob Chamber of Commerce participated.
Participants talked about the employment opportunities made available by the various industrial and commercial sectors in the labor market, in addition to reviewing the goals of "rehabilitation in order to play" program launched by the Amman Chamber of Commerce aimed at rehabilitating graduates Jordanian universities and provide them with all the necessary skills and experiences, so as to obtain suitable employment opportunities in local, Arab Soukalaml.
And he attended the opening of the workshop faculty dean, Dr. Mohammed Taamnh, the number of faculty members in the department, and a crowd of graduates.