Department of Economics Systems at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Yarmouk University in cooperation with the Amman Chamber of Commerce and the introductory workshop for graduate students on how to write a CV for the purposes of the job, which both Dr. Wassim Haddad and Mr. Sinan Jaber, Mr. Essam carob Chamber of Commerce participated.
Participants talked about the employment opportunities made available by the various industrial and commercial sectors in the labor market, in addition to reviewing the goals of "rehabilitation in order to play" program launched by the Amman Chamber of Commerce aimed at rehabilitating graduates Jordanian universities and provide them with all the necessary skills and experiences, so as to obtain suitable employment opportunities in local, Arab Soukalaml.
And he attended the opening of the workshop faculty dean, Dr. Mohammed Taamnh, the number of faculty members in the department, and a crowd of graduates.

Current (Latest) Trends in Managing and Financing SME’s Conference

3-5 May 2016 / 25-27 Rajab 1467

Organized by

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences  Yarmouk University  and the Administrative Development Organization The League of Arab States

The Principles (Foundations) and Skills

of Managing and Evaluating

 SME’s Workshop

5 May 2016 / 27 Rajab 1467

The conference was held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Thunaibat, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education. The conference was opened by Prof. Rifaat Faouri, President of Yarmouk University.  The conference started with a dialogue session on the role of public and private sectors in empowering (promoting/ enhancing) SME's. Participants included HE Dr. Tayseer Smadi, member of the Jordanian House of Senates, Dr. Maher burned, Director of the Jordan Chamber of industry, HE Mr. Mohammed Al-Dairi, Director of the National Fund for enterprise Support, and HE Mrs. Reem Badran, President of  Middle East and North Africa Businesswomen's Network (MENA).

The conference sessions covered the administrative, financial, accounting and economic dimensions of SME's.  Furthermore, the  roles of the educational system, community values and women were also tackled.

On the other hand, the workshop that was held in conjunction with the conference focused on the basic principles and skills of managing and evaluating SME's with a special emphasis on conducting economic feasibility studies for SME's.

Participants in the conference has reached sixty from several Arab countries. In addition, twenty-eight 28 trainees from Jordan attended the  workshop.

The most important recommendations of the conference included:

  • Unifying and coordinating the efforts of the financial institutions supporting small and medium enterprises to create a single financing point (spot financing)  for  SMEs, while each institution retains its independency and operating style (mode of operation)
  • Developing and activating the role of business incubators.
  • Simplifying and streamlining procedures for obtaining the necessary funding

The department of public administration conducted a seminar in collaborations with a number of Parliament Members (PM) to discuss some of the laws which affect the Jordanian citizen's life like (election law, decentralizations, and municipality's law, which was recently approved.

Seminar and workshop focused on procedures, policies and guidelines within the tax system.