The Department was founded in 1982, and started to offer a Bachelor degree in Accounting since then. In 1999, the Department started to offer a Master degree in Accounting.

The Department aims to qualify students in theory and practice in the field of accounting to meet the dynamic needs of labor markets, both locally and internationally. The Department is keen on having a special presence at the local, Arab, and international levels through contributing to the accounting profession, and strengthening scientific research.

To realize the above objectives, the Department reviews its academic plans for the Bachelor and Master degrees on a regular basis so that these plans take into consideration any new developments in society needs and in market demands. This also contributes in improving the competitiveness of the Department's graduates in the labor markets.

The Department is also keen on holding conferences and in participating in local, regional, and international conferences. Finally, the Department includes faculty members who have received their PhD and Master degrees from distinguished universities and in different areas of accounting.







  • Provide the student with the basic knowledge in accounting and related fields.
  • Develop the students' skills in critical thinking and critical analysis.
  • Develop the students' research capabilities and encourage them to get involved in scientific research.
  • Improve the students' capabilities & skills in using information technology.
  • Enhance the student 's commitment to accounting ethics.
  • Develop the student's communication skills.
  • Promote the tolerance and moderation approach in thought and in practice amongest students.
  • Develop the students' skills in expressing their opinions and accepting the opinions of others.
  • Promote team spirit among students and encourage them to continuously develop their knowledge.
  • Enhance the students' positive attitudes toward the society.

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