The department of Financial Economics was established in 2016, and formally was under the department of economics. The Bachelor degree program in financial economics was established in 2002.



To be a distinguished program in financial economics across the Middle East.



To equip the students with the required skills and knowledge to meet the dynamic changes, to manage the economic and financial challenges and contribute to sustainable development. 



  • Provide students with the essential economic concepts, tools and policies
  • Equip students with the microeconomics and macroeconomics framework of analysis.
  • Provide students with the essential financial concepts, tools and policies
  • Supply the students with knowledge of how markets of goods, services and capital function. 
  • Enable the students of proposing or taking investment decisions
  • Promote the sense of the commitments of students to codes of ethics, group working and self development and fulfillment.
  • Developing communication skills, discussions and arguments for the students.
  • Strengthening the students’ attitudes toward practicing a moderate way of thinking, increase productivity and be a righteous societal member.


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