The department of Economics in was established in 1976, and began providing A Bachelor’s degree in Economics since then.

In 1986 the department established a Master Program in Economics and in 2002 provided a new undergraduate path in the economy of money and business to provide society with qualified cadre’s in the field of money and business in order to meet the growing needs for administrative and technical skills.

The faculty seeks to be recognized for its ability to graduate professionals who aim to servicing the community with skills needed for sustainable development.







  • Raising the awareness of the students about different schools of thoughts of economics.
  • Equipping the students with the necessary knowledge in different fields of economics.
  • Providing students with the necessary tools including econometric software needed to observe and analyze different economic phenomena.
  • Supplying the students with the needed skills of reports writing.
  • Providing students with the methodical and critical way of thinking to analyze and analyze solve different economic issues.

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