The department of Banking & Finance had been established in 1982 . It provides a Bachelor degree in Banking & Finance since 1982 /1983. Currently there are 8 staff members , of which 2 are professors , 2 are assistant professors and 2 are lecturer .

The scientific degrees the department grants:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Master’s degree

Number of students enrolled:

  1. 1013 Bachelor students
  2. 136 Master students
  3. 1149 in total

Aspirations of the department :

The department aspires to develop the educational program, to enforce workshops, to provide advisory services and prepare case studies in the field of banking and finance. This will assist in benefiting from scholarships offered by international organisations. The department also aspires to organize scientific and cultural conventions which aim to establish a connecting point with the leaders of the stock market and banking and finance organizations in Jordan.

The department has a computer lab, where by the students apply with ever they learnt in (banking & finance ) on computer using Excel. All Banking Finance subjects are applied on the Excel such as Banking , financial management , financial analysis investment ,and portfolio theory .

The department cooperated with many local national & international institutions in the area of teaching, researching & consulting . In addition , the department staff participate in national & international conferences, workshops events and activities in the related subjects .

The department is looking forward to improve its curriculum & course outlines . As well of extending its activities in the area of consultations and project studies in the field of banking of finance .Finally , during the second term 2006/2007 the department has carried out many activities such as students visit to ASE, seminar on Insuring Bank Deposits and SMEs Management of Financing .



The proposed curriculum for the banking and financemajor is distinguished locally and within the Arab region. The most advanced foreign text books are utilized in this field. There is an emphasis on research projects as a means of applying the theoretical work.



To provide students with a high degree of knowledge and understanding in the different fields encompassed within the banking and finance major. This assists in developing and improving the financial sector.



  • The department aims to prepare students theoretically and methodically in the banking and finance area, through the proposed curriculum. Furthermore, providing advisory services to all other sectors within the Jordanian community.
  • The department focuses on scientific research within the field of banking and finance. In addition, the department works on developing the course outline which correlates in accordance with both local and international work place. The department also holds conferences and scientific seminars to follow any new cases and challenges which the banking and finance sector may face.

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