The department was founded in 1982, and began to offer a BA in public administration since it was founded. In 1993 the department started to offer a Masters Degree in Public Administration. In 2003, the public administration department began to offer another master's degree in Management (MA) and in collaboration with Business Administration department.
Public administration department qualifies their students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the areas of public administration by focusing on the themes of public policy analysis, human resource development, decision-making, and local administration.

The department also provides professional and qualified staff to provide training and consulting services for both public and private sectors.







  • Provide students with required know knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of public administration of its functions.
  • Develop student's abilities in scientific thinking and the logical and innovative analysis.
  • Provide students with required competencies in using and utilizing information technology at work.
  • Develop student's research abilities using scientific methods.
  • Develop communication and effective interactive skills in English.
  • Reinforce student's innovative abilities to diagnosis problems and making decisions.
  • Provide students with theoretical knowledge in the area of excellence of customer services.
  • Develop team spirit and motivate students in personal development.
  • Reinforce student's attitudes toward achieving public in tersest and positive interactions with society needs.
  • Develop student's skills in presentation and public speech.

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